by Jeremiah Wann, President

I started Imperial Filtration because I was frustrated with the industrial filter market. For years, I searched to find a filter company that could build a filter that met the same level of engineering, quality, and value that we had worked so hard to develop with the CMAXX and other Imperial products. Year after year, I fought to get high-quality filters made by companies that focus on brown box “knock-offs.” I found it impossible to have high-quality filters built in the same factory that made high-volume aftermarket filters.

How could I find a filter company that specialized in dust and fume collection filters? All of the other manufactures made everything from dust collector filters to pool filters and oil filters. There wasn’t a company with extensive knowledge of dust collection or how the filters even fit into the dust collectors. I knew it was time to take control of the process and focus on building the best quality dust and fume filters on the market.

We did this here at our dust collector factory in Pennsylvania, starting Imperial Filtration with one thing in mind – the end user. We were tired of buying filters that had the gaskets falling off, the seams not being properly glued, or the potting compound not correctly applied, which causes nasty leaks. These and other issues affected our end users with unsatisfactory filtration efficiency, short filter life, and system downtime due to frequent changeouts.

For years, we have been developing our media to make sure it’s the highest quality media available on the market. We build our filters for all brands of collectors with the same high-quality media that goes into our high-end CMAXX collectors.

When you buy a filter from Imperial Filtration, you have the confidence that your filter is expertly made by a company that does nothing else besides dust and fume collection.